Introduction: How to Breed Animals in Minecraft

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Step 1:

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Make pen with fences for the animals won't come out

Step 2: Sheep

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Put sheep in the pen

Step 3: Sheep

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Get wheat then hold the wheat on the both sheep

Step 4: Pig

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Put pigs in a pen

Step 5: Pig

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Get a carrot ( rare droppings from zombies ) and hold it to both pigs

Step 6: Cows

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Put cows in a pen

Step 7: Cows

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Get wheat ( same as sheeps ) and hold it to both cows

Step 8: Chickens

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Put chickens in a pen

Step 9: Chickens

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Hold seeds ( found when hoe the ground ) to both chickens

Step 10: Finished

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That's how you breed animals hope u liked it comment and like !!!!!!!


wezils tuts (author)2014-01-20

Darr.....I Duz alredi no dis

gbfrr (author)2014-01-20

Nice and simple as in the game.

Don't forget that you can plant carrots too (and not just go after Mr. Nice Zombie)!

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