Step 7: Connect battery to the diode.

Picture of Connect battery to the diode.

The battery should be connected in series with the motor and diode. The negative lead form the motor should attach to the negative terminal of the battery. The positive lead from the motor should be attached to the diode, and the diode to the positive terminal of the battery.

cyfekt4 years ago
Could you possibly use a larger motor, and 6 batteries??

And if you did what kind of inverter would you need??
patnat4 years ago
if i wanted 2 miss out the battery and go to the inverter wld that be an problem ?????
i was goin to connect the diode to the inverter would this lead 2 any problems ??????????
The battery serves the purpose as a voltage regulator into the inverter.

The motor, connected through the diode will generate a fluctuating voltage anywhere between +5v/-5v, even more. The diode takes the positive (cuts off the negative) and uses that potential to drive the Lead Sulfate/Lead Oxide battery electrolytically (charges the battery). The input voltage must be greater or equal to the cell potential (i think 2V? ) for it the battery to charge.

The inverter turns a constant DC source into 60Hz AC.
elsaericson4 years ago
what kind of battery would be best for charging a laptop?