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Are you an unorganized skateboarder? Coming from an organized skater it is hard for me to not have this in my vehicle. I built this for my purposes. I hope it can help you as well. If you do not mind, please check it out on under my name.


SHIFT! (author)2013-03-03

This looks like a great project and I applaud your creative use of notecards in the photos! Do you think you could make the pattern for you skateboard rack available?

CraigOstertag (author)SHIFT!2013-03-05

Thanks for your comment, greatly appreciated! but what do you mean about a pattern? I don't under stand what you mean.

SHIFT! (author)CraigOstertag2013-03-05

OH, sorry! I forgot to see that you had included the dimensions in your photo! You were always a step ahead of me.

CraigOstertag (author)SHIFT!2013-03-06

haha its ok

GorillazMiko (author)2013-03-03

This is perfect. I know a couple of friends who would enjoy making this (including myself).

I'll post some pictures once we make ours!

Thanks for sharing!


I am excited to see yours. and thanks for the support! tell as many people as you know about this please. :)

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