How to Build a Cool Ancient Looking Creeper Face in Minecraft PE





Introduction: How to Build a Cool Ancient Looking Creeper Face in Minecraft PE

This Is How You Build A Cool, Ancient Looking Creeper Face In Any Version Of Minecraft

Step 1: You Will Need

2 Cobblestone Fences
4 Cobblestone Slabs
10 Stone Bricks
4 Chiseled Stone Bricks
6 Pieces Of Black Clay Or Wool
A Pickaxe (If In Survival Mode)

Step 2: Find a Wall

It Pretty Straightforward
Just Follow The Picture And You'll Be All Good!

Step 3: Dig Out a 2X3 Hole

Mine Out A 2 By Three Hole. (2 Blocks Down, Three Blocks Across)

Step 4: Start Placing Slabs

You Need To Put One Slab At The Bottom Centre Of Your Hole

Step 5: Place 2 Stone Fences

Yeah, Just Do That!

Step 6: Place More Slabs

Place One Stone Slab On Top Of Each Stone Fencepost

Step 7: Add the Last Slab

Just Carefully Place It Above The Other Two Slabs

Step 8: Careful Now!

Carefully Mine Out In Behind The Face To Place Black Clay Or Wool

Step 9: Frame

Build Like A Frame Around It, This Design Is Optional


You Have Successfully Completed This Task!
Please Post In The Comments How You Used The Face With An Image Response!
Happy Building!



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    Does it look to anyone else like it has a moustache? Lol. Anyway nice build

    Yeah kinda. Hey no offence but I know this, and did you get this idea from Lifeboat Hunger Games? I've seen it there heaps of times. Its cool thou!

    sorry I don't understand your comment. can u rephrase it?