This Is How You Build A Cool, Ancient Looking Creeper Face In Any Version Of Minecraft

Step 1: You Will Need

2 Cobblestone Fences
4 Cobblestone Slabs
10 Stone Bricks
4 Chiseled Stone Bricks
6 Pieces Of Black Clay Or Wool
A Pickaxe (If In Survival Mode)

Step 2: Find a Wall

It Pretty Straightforward
Just Follow The Picture And You'll Be All Good!

Step 3: Dig Out a 2X3 Hole

Mine Out A 2 By Three Hole. (2 Blocks Down, Three Blocks Across)

Step 4: Start Placing Slabs

You Need To Put One Slab At The Bottom Centre Of Your Hole

Step 5: Place 2 Stone Fences

Yeah, Just Do That!

Step 6: Place More Slabs

Place One Stone Slab On Top Of Each Stone Fencepost

Step 7: Add the Last Slab

Just Carefully Place It Above The Other Two Slabs

Step 8: Careful Now!

Carefully Mine Out In Behind The Face To Place Black Clay Or Wool

Step 9: Frame

Build Like A Frame Around It, This Design Is Optional


You Have Successfully Completed This Task!
Please Post In The Comments How You Used The Face With An Image Response!
Happy Building!
Does it look to anyone else like it has a moustache? Lol. Anyway nice build
<p>Yeah kinda. Hey no offence but I know this, and did you get this idea from Lifeboat Hunger Games? I've seen it there heaps of times. Its cool thou!</p>
sorry I don't understand your comment. can u rephrase it?

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