Step 23: Conclusion

Picture of Conclusion
It didn't turn out too bad for a project that can be completed in a weekend. The best part is you can adjust the size, color, amount of shelves, or trim work to fit your need. Considering the alternative -- buying bookcases for twice as much that don't hold as many books -- this type of construction project starts to look pretty good.
karenh20105 years ago
Absolutely gorgeous. Can't believe you can make this for $200!! What a feeling of accomplishment!! Am hoping to work my way up to this within a few years. :-) Thanks for the great instructions!
dublinrun5 years ago
Excellent instructable!  Not too complicated, but enough info to do the job.  A favorite for sure.  The extra detailing really adds a touch of class.
Kiwi_Ed5 years ago
Finally a proper 'normal' bookcase Instructable!!

Thanks a lot, pressed the favorite button before I even started reading! Now all is left is to fill that 3.5m x 2.5m empty wall...