How to Build a Dalek Eye


Introduction: How to Build a Dalek Eye

This instructable will show how to build a dalek eye. The design I used was based off of the 2010 version of the daleks.

Step 1: Parts Needed

For this project you will need 9in of steel tube, approximately 3/4in in diameter, 2 LEDs (one yellow, one blue), a 100 ohm resistor, various wires, a fish tank marble, and dalek eye shaped pieces. I recently bought a 3d printer so I designed and printed them. I have included the stl files. (the back of the eye was having an issue peeling up, so I added a flat sheet to the bottom)

Step 2: The Eyestalk

Cut a 3/4 in piece of the tube off and set it aside, this will be used later. Drill holes in the tube for the wires. Three wires will be used to power the LEDs, these do not need holes drilled. One of the wires I planned on upswing to hang the eye in a display, so I drilled two hole to make it extra secure. The holes should be drilled an inch from the end of the tube. Once the holes are drilled, thread the wires through and put a bit of glue inside the tube to hold them. You want your three power wires going from one end to the other.

Step 3: The Electronics

The two LEDs have the positive leads soldered to the resistor. The resistor is then soldered to the red wire. The negative leads are soldered to the wire that matches the LEDs color. When an external battery is applied, the eye is able to glow either blue or yellow. (Red wire goes to positive, whatever color you want it to glow goes to negative)

Step 4: The Eye

Epoxy the marble on to the 3/4 in piece of tubing from earlier. That then gets glued into the eye. Epoxy the plastic parts in their appropriate positions.



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    14 Discussions

    Amazing. could i possibly attach it to a helmet and wear it like that?

    It really would depend on how detailed you want to go. I've seen some gunstalks just use the center of a paint roller. You could also get some metal rods or thick wire, a tube, and some plumbing adapters or 3d printed parts and make it exact.

    at least do a head pls pls pls ?

    This was printed on a DaVinci from XYZprinting. It costs about $500. The largest piece is about 3.5" by 3.5"

    Looks cool. Just wandering, what 3d printer have you got and how much did it cost? Also, how big are the eyeparts and rings that need to be printed?

    I just added them. I am not sure if i did it right though, I've never added .stl files in instructables before.

    I've just uploaded them to Thingverse. You can find them if you search "dalek eye", or you can go to this link

    hey i cant get it to work any way to email them?

    Most likely I will not be building a full Dalek. Unfortunately I don't think I would have enough available time.

    Very nice. Are you planning to built a full one too?