Introduction: How to Build a Flying Bathtub in Gmod

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Step 1: Get a Gaming Computer

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Most computer are capable of running this gun but here are some examples of good gaming PC(I personally use a modified dell xps)
Computer mouse
Monitor(unless your on a laptop)

Step 2: Download and Launch the Game

The game is for purchase on from the steam market for $30 with all the bonus textures

Step 3: Get a Large Prop

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For this tutorial I will be using a bath tub but you can use a couple other props

Step 4: Set Up the Flight

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There's a couple different ways to make some thing flying this game my personal and the easiest one to use is hover balls

Step 5: If It Fits, I Sits

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Well need to be able to sit on out flying prop so we need to add a chair that's a couple the one I think that looks is the jeep seat

Step 6: More Powwwweeerrr

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The flying prop will need to be able to move forward so select your favorite prop

Step 7: Done

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No make all "I must go my people need me" joke as you Ty around on your magic flying prop


makeosaurus (author)2016-01-01

Cool instructable! Definitely going to buy gmod now!

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