Introduction: How to Build a Glued Laminated Wood Beam

Watch the video for details on how we build the glulam beam.

We are building an open beam ceiling so we will need two heavy beams that are 20' long and capable of carrying the roof load. The engineering tables show that a 3 1/8" x 9" glulam beam will carry the roof load. We cannot afford to buy manufactured glulam beams so we build our own glued - laminated wood beams. Please note: this is not an engineered beam. If you require an engineers stamp, this may not work for you. BY using no.1 clear, straight grain lumber, Titebond 2 wood glue and 3/8" all-thread bolts and nuts, we build the beam.
The glued laminated beam we show here is an excellent beam for barn, shed, cabin or other structure requiring a load bearing beam. Check with your building department before building and using to be sure it is allowed for your application. Please watch the video for details on how to build the beam.


JeffreyS122 (author)2016-12-31

Thanks for taking the time to make this very instructive video! While I am an engineer, it doesn't appear that a "store-bought" glulam would perform any better in this application than your carefully constructed beam. Two Thumbs Up!

SissyPuds (author)2016-12-02

I found your video interesting, informative and beneficial. Like you mentioned in your video I have a space to span and I will make my own laminated "engineered" beam(s). I tore down my old single car garage and currently I've built a three car door garage that will accommodate 5 vehicles, approximstely 1600-1700 sq. feet of space. My property lot is 50 feet wide and the garage at it's widest portion is 46 feet wide. I've been paying for everything as I go and only one other person is helping me with this. It's been slow and now I have some sag in the floor / decking of what will be the second story above the garage. We will be making three laminated beams, ust as you showed, approximately 12" tall, 5 inches wide and 16 feet long. Each end will rest on a 6X6X8 post. We made our own floor trusses and they are on 12" centers. We will have to raise part of the floor trusses and that should eliminate the "sag" in the floor on the second story.

I appreciate the name of the glue, I'm sure I will purchase a couple of gallons just for this project. Thanks for your help and appreciate you demonstrating on how you assembled the beam.

James McKinney

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