Step 1: Pieces

Theses are the pieces you'll need: (Pic 1) pieces (Pic 2) 8 "Y" connectors (Pic 3) 8 blue/purple axles (Pic 4) 24 white axles (Pic 5) 8 seven way connectors with extra slot (Pic 6) 2 snowflake connectors (Pic 7) 8 end connectors (Pic 8) 8 axle holders (Pic 9) 24 green/black small axles (Pic 10) 8 medium gears (Pic 11) 16 green four way connectors
I don't know. I made it for people who don't know what to build out of knex. I didn't know what to build.
Oh, ok. :P
Makes me dizzy :p
That's quite a nice gear wheel. What are you going to do with it, though? :3

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