Picture of How To Build A LEGO Hamburger
You have a pile of LEGO bricks before you have no clue what to build. Yes, you've build a few LEGO sets by the instructions, but your wanting to build something custom. We've made it easy for your to build a quick and simple LEGO hamburger out of just 6 brick pieces.

Step 1: Prepare Your Toppings

Picture of Prepare Your Toppings
First, you'll need 4 LEGO studs. You can choose whatever toppings you'd like but the best would probably be a yellow (mustard), green (lettuce), red (ketchup) and brown (burger meat). These are all very common LEGO pieces.
copied from lego spongebob!!!!!!!!
Katiejoey3 years ago
You copier you copied that from Lego spongebob
Invader Biz3 years ago
its called a krabby patty
bhylak4 years ago
I do have to say, I find it a bit sad that you guys know exactly what set it came from.
mfcds4 years ago
I would think twice before eating a gray hamburger.
james44 years ago
can u just use different color circular pcs for the meat and stuff?
nom nom nom :P
It's a Krabby Patt from the Spongebob Squarepants lego set!!
zatz not hamberger! zats krabby patty from spongebob set!
mebuildgunz5 years ago
i bet u copied that from a lego spongbob set 8 D
He did...>8P
(YOUR N4 years ago
y did u have to post this?
homestuck4 years ago
that's in a spongebob set