Introduction: How to Build a Lego Cyberman

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This instructable shows one way to make a cyberman from dr who. It is based off of the original cybermen.

Step 1: The Parts

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1x. Grey leg piece
1x. Grey or armor torso
1x. Grey neck piece with stud connection
1x. 1x2 flat
1x. Grey stud
1x. Shoulder armour
1x. Grey head
1x. Brick to handle converter
1x. Bucket handle

Step 2: Assemble the Body

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Build the mini figure in the standard way, with the shoulder armour on bottom. The other neck piece faces front. Connect the 1x2 and stud onto it.

Step 3: The Head

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Attach the head, then the handle converter and bucket handleon top. ( the bucket handle should be grey but only brown was available)


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