video How To Build A Mentos And Diet Coke Booby Trap
We've all seen how Diet Coke explodes when you put Mentos in it. Here's a way to rig a bottle of Diet Coke so that it explodes when you unscrew the cap
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Miss Woof4 months ago

Awesome! I've seen how to make it,but not the reaction from it!

brewgoat1 year ago

That was classic.

iFirefly1 year ago

Why do we have to endure the Verizon commercial?

Get adblock then.

i think that was perfect how she kept looking back where she came from. it just added to the prank lol hilarious
Blessyz3 years ago
Holy moly that gal is hot
batman963 years ago
Its a mis-conception that it only works with diet, diet is only recommended because it is easier to clean up.
Diet Coke is specifically the one used because of all the sodas I've seen it reacts the most powerfully. Has to do with the specific mix of sweeteners. The easier-to-clean-ness is just icing on the cake.
i agree
ha ha
best coke prank ever!!!!!!!!!5*
ericpropre4 years ago
Ihihih so nice^^ I really want to do this to my sisters lol
Hahahahaha WIN!!!!!!! So totally want to do this..
jnbyrd94 years ago
flamingo1234 years ago
the ad was funny
it was nature vally
Dani19964 years ago
jajaja, is great
NatNoBrains4 years ago
I knew you could do this....
Dr.Bill4 years ago
I'm gonna do it. Look out !
Chromatica6 years ago
She stole this from another person on youtube. This was made on Feb. 2, 2007. Her's Jun. 3, 2008

She may have stole it but her victim was much better looking.
lutin branonls6 years ago
Honestly when I saw the title and the thumbnail, I though it had something to do with boobies and didn't think "Oh, it's a trap"
uh yeah, its a boobie-trap
KnexFreek lutin5 years ago
 LOL it says TRAP in the title dummy!
jules15 lutin5 years ago
Asuraku lutin5 years ago
 It still could be a 'trap'.
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This argument can only be won by the way that this instructable beat the youtube video, that is who is hotter. However, all of you are dudes, so no one wins. My two sense on which prank wins, I prefer to hear a hot Latina curse than some white dude!
Arano tahirhh5 years ago
but x^2<x^3 for x=infinity
noname420 Arano5 years ago
Arano is right x^2<x^3 like x^4>x^3,  *x=infinity*
Fashim tahirhh5 years ago
Yep Infinity^Infinity=infinity
ATG branonls6 years ago
lol yea totally....
yumann branonls6 years ago
Her victim was MUCH better looking, INDEED, :D (To do first or to do better : that is the question.)
and here too. http://www.instructables.com/id/Mentos-and-diet-coke-prank/?comments=all#CK6OPFJFHEJ052P She even commented on the comment board of the instructable.
giannyl (author)  Chromatica6 years ago
Please read the intro -->http://www.instructables.com/id/Mentos-and-diet-coke-prank/
introMentos and diet coke prank
This is hilarious prank!
All credit goes to giannyl
sorry about that but how do you explain the youtube video
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