Introduction: How to Build a Minecraft Car

Picture of How to Build a Minecraft Car

Step 1: Wheels

Picture of Wheels

First get coal blocks or a black block place the wheels 3 blocks between each other then the wheels 1 gap apart

Step 2: The Front Part of the Car

Picture of The Front Part of the Car

Place a section on 3 blocks wide and 3 blocks long

Step 3: Decorating the Front

Picture of Decorating the Front

Put three pieces of carpet on the long end as show on each side

Step 4: Decorating the Front Part

Picture of Decorating the Front Part

In between the 3 carpets you put. Put a row of red carpet between that 3 carpets you put earlier as shown

Step 5: The Body

Picture of The Body

Behind the front wheels put a row of 3 three Quartz

Step 6: Body

Picture of Body

Put one Quartz in front of the back wheels show here

Step 7: Adding the Driving Stuff

Picture of Adding the Driving Stuff

Between the quartz blocks you put yellow stained clay or any block you wish on top of that you need to put red wool

Step 8: Seat Wall

Picture of Seat Wall

On each side of the red wool put a Quartz block

Step 9: The Back

Picture of The Back

On the back of that red wool and those two Quartz block put quartz stairs

Step 10: Back

Picture of Back

Put quartz half slabs on the back of the quartz stairs

Step 11: Back

Picture of Back

Put white carpet on the half slabs u put only on the left and right

Step 12: Midd

Picture of Midd

Put a red carpet in the middle of the white carpet

Step 13: Top

Picture of Top

Put white carpet on the top quartz block in front of the stairs

Step 14: Dig

Picture of Dig

Dig out the floor right beside the seat as shown

Step 15: Interior

Picture of Interior

Put glass panes on the left side of the car

Step 16: Floor

Picture of Floor

Right next to the yellow seat cushion dig out 1 then put white wool

Step 17: Roof

Picture of Roof

Put carpet on the left side and one on the right top not the middle as shown if you don't under stand

Step 18: Door

Picture of Door

Put a fence gate at the middle of the quartz block

Step 19: Trap Door

Picture of Trap Door

Put a trap door above the fence gate as shown

Step 20: The Roof

Picture of The Roof

Put a carpet above the trapdoor as shown

Step 21: Roof Part Two

Picture of Roof Part  Two

Put a trap door in front of the red wool

Step 22: Final

Picture of Final

Put a red carpet on top of that trap door

Step 23: The Surroundings

Picture of The Surroundings

Put signs all around the vehicle

Step 24: Enjoy

Picture of Enjoy

Put this in your world and show off that your


NolanS16 made it! (author)2017-08-08

just like the instructions

tanktow made it! (author)2017-04-19

I made a modification of it in Classical Sharp

saihaj.thandi (author)2017-02-04

how do you drive it

OmegaBlue2087 (author)2016-08-21

Thanks dude! keep making more creations

htmOwlet (author)2016-06-25

Thanks for the instructable! I'm using the design for my adventure map, that may/may not actually make it to the real world.

claystrasser (author)2014-09-19

Thanks I really need your help

seamster (author)2014-09-19

Nicely done.

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