Picture of How To Build A Minecraft House
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Step 1: The Main Lay Out

Picture of The Main Lay Out
This is the main floor made of oak planks

Step 2: Dirt And Cobble

Picture of Dirt And Cobble
These are the next two layers i have made them out if cobble and dirt but you can choose any!

Step 3: Glass

Picture of Glass
Ive put glass in every window so it looks the same

Step 4: The Doors And Door Roofs

Picture of The Doors And Door Roofs
Here are the double doors i have put two blocks of dirt on top to make it look cool

Step 5: Roof

Picture of Roof
This is the main roof witch i have made out of dirt

Step 6: Torches

Picture of Torches
I have put torches all round the house

Step 7: Carpet

Picture of Carpet
I have used red and white carpet to make a rug

Step 8: Beds

Picture of Beds
Here is a double bed

Step 9: Bookshelfs

Picture of Bookshelfs
I have put some bookshelf's to make it look occupied

Step 10: The Surrounds

Picture of The Surrounds
When you have a nice house you want to have a nice surrounding area for this i have made a river

i like to have 3 block high houses so it makes the room feel better

i like to have 3 block high houses so it makes the room feel better

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Thanks creeper lover
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lol!roof is dirt!:)