Step 4: Griddle

We're using a found piece of steel as a griddle. Mud it in to place.
<p>great ible, i have made something very similar when i did a lot camping and was a very effective cooker, only i used sand and old cans and just that had been littered to form the chimney, and packed the sand around, one night i had even used it as a forge and made a knife out a peice of reo i had found</p>
Nice design and use of indigenous materials. <br>You have a nice rocket stove there, but 90 % of the heat is going up the chimney. If you can narrow the intake a little and stabilize the pot over the chimney exhaust it would boil in 1/3 the time. <br>The reason it is cleaner burning due to the gas given off by the wood continuing to burn up in the chimney. That's why there is more heat.
brilliant <br>and if the griddle was Pierced ...make more effect
ive read about something called a rocker stove a lot like these (mud stove) do you have a way to read the temp comeing out the to?
Looks like the same side-feed principle as a &quot;rocket stove.&quot; I will guess that rocket stove design came from this simple original design. Looks like a great concept to keep in mind for any campers.
Nicely done.
This goes to my Survival skills!
Love it
Nice oven!
Nice oven!
Nice oven!

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