How to Build a Pallet Bar




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Introduction: How to Build a Pallet Bar

Learn how to build your own bar out of two wood pallets. Building a pallet bar is very easy as the most intensive steps are sanding and painting. After screwing together both painted pallets, use adhesive and a caulk gun to glue stone pavers to your bar and that's it!



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    I had to look at it for a while, but i get it now!

    Nice and simple, I like it!

    Any consideration given to the top-heavy, tippiness of it though? I'm wondering if a simple pair of legs made from pallet slats could be fastened horizontally at ground level to the sides to make it more stable. Thoughts?

    2 replies

    you could place a couple of tables (taken from another pallet) between the standing tables crossed on the bottom, if you are using it outside it would be also possible to stick them down on the grass.

    We didn't have any issues with the tippiness actually! But the possibility of putting ground level legs is definitely an option.