Picture of How To Build A Portable Cloud Chamber
Welcome to this instructable dedicated to the Wilson Cloud Chamber. Here you will find a guide on how to make your own portable cloud chamber using Peltier heat pumps. My chamber is pretty much totally inspired by Nothinglabs How-to guide here at Instructables, except mine is watercooled instead of aircooled. Im pretty sure most of you have plans for your own design of the chamber but I hope this page can provide you with some information of use. I have tried quite a few designs until I came up with this one and Im pretty happy with the result. I had no limits on budget, but you can get most parts cheap at eBay or you local junkyard.

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Step 1: What Is It?

A cloud chamber simply lets you see traces of ionizing radioation such as alpha and beta particles. What happens in the chamber is that at the bottom the peltiers cool down to at least -18f or below, to supersaturate 99% isopropanyl alcohol. When charged particles pass thru the supersaturated mist of alcohol at the bottom of the chamber, the air gets ionized and the alcohol almost instantly condense and forms small visible tracks. That's pretty much it, you can find further information at Google!!

This is a piece a Fiestaware saucer in my chamber.

mwilke (author) 1 year ago
You also find this guide on my project page along with more photos and links where to find sources of radiation, visit >>>>