Introduction: How to Build a Quick Sand Trap in Minecraft

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Step 1:

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Dig a pit as shown in the picture

Step 2:

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Put cob webs at bottom

Step 3:

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Put one more layer

Step 4:

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Add some signs as shown in picture

Step 5:

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Then put signs on the sides of the middle signs (make sure to put on signs not wall)

Step 6:

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Same thing but on other side

Step 7:

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Put sand on top of signs

Step 8:

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Same thing

Step 9:

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Same thing

Step 10:

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Your done!!!! Have fun


ColleenE20 (author)2017-11-04

ill try that

jessyratfink (author)2014-07-09

Hahah! Never seen this done before. I think I might do this to my boyfriend's nephews. They blew up my castle with TNT so it's only fair ;)

StephLauran (author)jessyratfink2017-05-06

That must have been funny to them. I'm sure they were angry.

Bonnie is a girl (author)2016-03-05

Ha ha ha can this make animals sink too?

Which version

on_rz (author)2014-12-31

That's a very good idea Cyberdalek thanks

LE-RZ (author)2014-07-19

Nice job that's awesome!

BatuhanGenc (author)2014-07-01


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