I created this Instructable to how you how to make a shelter in case of an emergency. I made this instructable by myself an this is how you make one. You need some moss, sticks, and a soft ground.my idea changed to use moss and not use more sticks. This connected to my life cause I love outdoors and survival. Use lots and lots of sticks and a soft ground. Then stick the sticks in the ground and then placing a tarp from random materials. I made this Instructable at home and I learned to explore the outside world more. The most challenge in the process would be how many resources you have and where.

Step 1: Sticks

First you need to find lots and lots of sticks for the main body of the shelter.
This isn't finished. I'd love to see the rest
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Yeah, well, I sometimes don't mind breaking rules. Not that I will now. stustu48, you need to be more specific. Would it be a shelter if I take the sticks and put them in one spot, and carefully stack leaves on top? And also, you don't need to use so many steps.There could have been only two.

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