Step 2: Assembling The Solar Cells

Picture of Assembling The Solar Cells
Next, while my first coat was drying, I started to work on assembling the solar cells. The best way to learn how to assemble the solar cells would be to simply watch the video. A quick overview of it is, the bottom of the solar cell is the positive side, and the top of solar cell is the negative side. I wanted to connect the solar cells in series, with a total of 36 solar cells, which will give me 63 watts. I used tabbing wire with a soldering iron to connect the solar cells together. For my panel I had 3 strings of solar cells. To connect those strings of solar cells, I used what is called a bus wire. The bus wire goes at the end of the strings to create one long string, however, curled up in a way like a snake. Again, for step 2, I recommend you watch the full video (Part 3) to understand how to work with the solar cells and how to check the voltage/current.

jhunmar1005 years ago
where can i get solar cells ????? pls reply i need the answer please:(

ebay is the best place probly ms solar

Big W5 years ago
could i use just straight soldering wire with no flux?
hastyhost (author)  Big W5 years ago

The flux is used to help bond /solderhe tabbing wire to the solar cell. Again, it's just used to "help", so it is possible for you to solder the tabbing wire without it, but I really would not recommend it.
Big W hastyhost5 years ago
ok. thanx. one more thing, how do you workout the Volts to watts, and watts to kilowatts, for running fridges, freezers and other stuff.
hastyhost (author)  Big W5 years ago
Refer to andrew gartrell's post
mark286 years ago
hi, where did you get the littles solar cells or you made them?