Picture of How To Build A Spud Gun
Hi guys to for warn you this is my first 'ible so please excuse any mistakes anyway today I will be showing you his to build your very own spud gun

Step 1: Materials

PVC cement and primer
2 in diameter PVC pipe
3 in diameter PVC pipe
3-2 in diameter reducing bushing
1 side threaded 1 side smoothie bushing
3 in PVC end cap
lantern sparker ( available at Walmart)
drill 3/8 and 5/16 bits
adjustable wrench
Hairspray is either the worst, or second worst possible fuel.
Hey, I'm looking into making one. If you say hairspray is among th worst fuel, what do you recommend?


dovahkin (author) 2 years ago
I am currently working on an air powered one right now that I will make into an instructable