Introduction: How to Build a Stark Industries Iron-Man Arc Reactor.... Very Very Low Cost..

How To Build A Stark Industries Iron-Man Arc Reactor.... Very very low cost arc reactor that
most can make very easy.

now I have a vinyl cutter and I have use of a mates cnc router but this is all about a build that
anyone can do with some d.i.y tools that most have at home.
And the parts I have used are every day junk and scraps that I found lay around, if you don't
have any bits like I had you can allways try other things to make your build work.
if you do find other things to use it be nice to hear from you about what you did use and maybe
post a pic of your work.

so follow me and see how i get on with new builds as well.

build time is around 6 to 9hrs

things you need...

heat glue gun = or if your going to use clear silicon you dont need a glue gun.
around 6 glue sticks for glue gun = To make your ring or some clear silicon will work
1mm roll of copper wire = You can buy a reel from or strip some from old power packs
some solder
soldering iron
1x clear plastic lid = around 70mm wide
a small tin of beens :) = around 65mm wide
1x plastic lid = about 4 inch wide
around 10 white leds 12V
around 4 blue leds 12V = or you can use white its upto you.
some HIPS High Impact Polystyrene Sheet = Or some old plastic around 1mm or 2mm thick
some black paint and a brush.
stanley knife
a dremel or drill

befor you start any build.....
Please note..... Be very safe when working with Stanley knifes and drills and heat glue guns
and power when doing your builds... And always use protective gear at all times

Steps for making your arc reactor

Step (1) is making the ring

you will need a small tin of beens thats around 65mm wide and a plastic lid around 100mm
place the tin of beens inside the plastic lid and tape it down so it dont move. now you have
your mould for your ring.
now useing you heat glue gun fill up your mould with glue trying not to get any air bubbles in
your ring. then leave it to go hard. same thing if your useing clear silicon.
when the ring is dry cut away the plastic lid from your new ring.

CARLS TIP... take your time cutting the plastic lid away from your ring trying not to damage
your new ring. you could try waxing the inside of your plastic lid befor you start filling it with
silicon or glue so the silicon or glue dont sick to you lid.

Step (2) ring leds

you will need 10 white 12v leds. use a dremel or drill to make 10 holes around the ring for
your leds. i made my holes around 25mm apart. dont drill the holes too big or you will
have to glue the leds in.

CARLS TIP.... a bit of tape on your drill-bit to show you how deep you need to drill
into your ring for your leds will save you from drilling all the way through your ring.

Step (3) making the copper raps for the ring

you will need some HIPS High Impact Polystyrene Sheet, or some plastic 1mm or 2mm
thick, and some black paint.
start by cutting the hips or plastic into 14mm wide strips around 70mm long. you will
need 10 strips cutting. next you will need to bend the strips around the ring, to do this i
used a cigarette lighter to heat up the hips or plastic so i can bend it into the shape i need
take your time ear... too much heat will melt the hips or plastic and not enough will crack
it when bending.
when you have 10 strips bent trim them till they are the same thickness as your ring,
my ones are 20mm. now paint them black and let them dry.

Step (4) rapping the copper raps

you will need a roll of 1mm copper wire i start of by marking out on the ring where
my raps will go on the ring you can do this by looking at a photo of a arc reactor
from the internet or having a look at my video. when you have that setout and it looks
good mark on the ring where the raps go and then take them all off bar one.
now to start rapping the copper to the first plastic rap. start at the bottom so you
dont see the twist from the top of the arc reactor. and rap your copper wire around
11 times then cut the wire and twist it to the other end and thats one done.
now do the same with the rest.
when you have done you should have a ring with 10 copper raps around it.

CARLS TIP...  rap the copper around your hips strip thats on your ring about
11 times then cut it from the copper reel then unrap it back off from the ring and
lay it out on your table then mark the size of your copper wire on your table.
now you no how long to cut your copper wire for them all. dont cut it too
short cos you need to twist the too end together when you have done.

Step (5) the copper link wires

this is the part that links the raps around the ring, you will need the same
1mm copper wire some solder and a soldering iron allso i use some old
flat copper strips.
i cut 20 small flat copper strips... size 14mm x 4mm and slip 2 strips under
each of the copper wire raps on the ring so i can solder the link wires to
then i use the 1mm copper wire and solder the link wires to each rap around
the ring.

Step (6) glueing the back lid and installing blue leds

you will need a sort off clear plastic lid your glue gun and 4 blue leds 12v i found
a plastic lid that had a roll of electrical tape in it and use that as long as it fits
onto the back of your main ring and its min of 70mm you will be ok.
i glued the lid to the back of the ring with the glue gun then when set i filled the
lid with glue and let that set.
now around the outside of the lid i drilled 4 holes for the blue leds 65mm apart.

Step (7) making the inside ring

you will need a stanley knife, dremel or drill, 20mm over flow pipe, and some hips
or 1mm or 2 mm plastic.
depending on the size of your ring you will need to cut a flat ring out of hips to fit
inside your main ring. my black inside ring or circle is 55mm wide then i cutout
a 35mm circle from the middle then drilled 3 holes to mount it and use the
dremel to make the holes around the ring or circle.
next cut 10mm from the over flow pipe, and make some arms from hips or plastic
to hold the pipe in the center of the ring or circle you have just made.
the arms i made are stips of hips 5mm wide by 25mm long and bent into a step
shape ( view video to see how its done) then glue it all together and paint
it black.

now i use some 4mm wide solder to make a ring around the top of the over flow
pipe and glued it in place.
to mount the inside black ring i used some plastic computer spacers and some
allen screws.
next i added some copper rings under the black inside ring and glued them to
the computer spacers.

Last step is to hookup all your LEDs to a 12v power supply or run it from a
lipo battery in the back of your new arc reactor.

Well Done... you now have a Iron-Man Arc Reactor (",)

coming soon i will add steps on making the box to display you work...

thanks for viewing and if you need anymore help or
info id be happy to help anyone with there build just drop me a msg.


randya404 made it! (author)2016-11-06

Thanks for the Instructable. I added a couple of my own things to it. I added a 10 channel LED chaser to my Arc and put it into an 'Iron Man' Costume. Thanks again. My Arc build can be found here: Again, thanks for your Instructable!

DaniloForte made it! (author)2015-08-25

Thanks for the instructable!

ZachO1 (author)2014-09-13

I've got to ask, where were you able to find LED's like that?

Langerz998 (author)2014-02-12

Thanks for the tutorial! I built an arc reactor and used your hot glue idea and to be honest I'm pretty happy with the result :)

zx12rcarl (author)Langerz9982014-08-24

thatz real kewl langerz keep up the good work mate

steven123102 (author)2014-07-07

Hello can you please list the places you got the items and how much they cost

steven123102 (author)2014-07-06

can you please please give me a list of where to get the items and where you got them at please respond

Paneds (author)2014-05-27

I just want to know if it can actually power anything. Probably not

JOSE1983 (author)2013-11-03


DrSanchezG (author)2013-09-09

nice work but how much dose this stuff cost?

harrypotterrocks (author)2013-07-21

My ring kept sticking i mean its glue

zombiemom42 (author)2013-05-07

Thanks for the hot glue idea. I used that and managed to make an awesome looking reactor for like $8. It's great, thanks

alexejeff (author)2013-02-03

what exactly did you use to make the first and second rings?
What materials/items did you use to make the rings?
It's a little confusing...

DanishDitte (author)2012-07-07

This is one of the best arc reactors I have seen!

Can you please include some written directions so I can make one as well? :D

zx12rcarl (author)DanishDitte2012-07-08

hi there.. ive added some how to info for you... hope this help and get you on the right track for making one... if you need anymore help or info just msg me :) happy buildin and thank

DanishDitte (author)zx12rcarl2012-07-08

Thank you so much! :) I am going to get started on it right away!

zx12rcarl (author)DanishDitte2012-07-08

Brill keep us upto date on how you get on with it... And if you need any help let me no.

DanishDitte (author)zx12rcarl2012-07-08

The only problem I am going to have is that I do not have a dremel tool... But I am sure I can figure out some sort of substitute. :P

zx12rcarl (author)DanishDitte2012-07-08

You can use a soldering iron to make the holes for the LEDs and to make the holes for the inside ring and then cleanup the holes in the ring with a stanly knife... Or a power drill with a small drill bit works.

pudgytaco (author)zx12rcarl2012-08-12

voted. but i dont really get how you made the ring. i know you its made out of hot glue but how is the top so smooth?

zx12rcarl (author)pudgytaco2012-08-12

hia. the top is smooth cos you use a lid as a mould and the inside of the lid is smooth... so when your glue has gone hard and you pop the lid off your glue ring its smooth... only the bottom of your ring is not smooth but you dont see that anyway. have a look at the video and you will see what i mean.
if you need any more help let me no.

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2012-07-06

Awesome arc!

thanks load mate :)

Ernext (author)2012-07-07

awsome! looks that needs a big amount of time and patience but is really awsome

zx12rcarl (author)Ernext2012-07-08

hia.. a bit of patience is needed but it didnt take long at all :) give it a go mate

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