Step 2: Make Main Support.

Take your three big sticks, lay them down together. Wrap your rope around the branches, and tie it. Leave some rope hanging.
Stand it up, and spread out the sticks so that they stay up. This is where the V 's in the sticks really help.
Take the hanging rope and wrap it around the teepee to keep it all together.

This is not the official way to make a teepee. This is not how my Eagle Scout husband would make a teepee, and this method would not work great if you wanted to make a really big teepee. This is the Mom, while watching two toddlers, and trying not to injure anyone method, but it works.
Check out my 18 foot tall +, 50 foot circumf. +, Teepee from Cedar Trees! I recycled the dead ones around my home! Hope you like it! As ever, Triumphman
I just came across this; and that looks great for <a href="http://thesixthseason.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/morning-glory.jpg" rel="nofollow">light climbing plants like Morning Glories</a> - bravo !
I dig it !~ Think I will make one with my daughter :-)
Nice work! A bit smaller than I was initially expecting (no fire in that one?) L
This will look awesome with vines climbing up the supports!
that's the plan. hopefully they will grow.

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