Step 3: Make a Door

Picture the teepee to be more like a 3 sided pyramid, than a round teepee.
Decide what side you want an entrance. Take a long stick and put it vertical in the middle of the side you want the door. Just rest it in place.
Check out my 18 foot tall +, 50 foot circumf. +, Teepee from Cedar Trees! I recycled the dead ones around my home! Hope you like it! As ever, Triumphman
I just came across this; and that looks great for <a href="http://thesixthseason.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/morning-glory.jpg" rel="nofollow">light climbing plants like Morning Glories</a> - bravo !
I dig it !~ Think I will make one with my daughter :-)
Nice work! A bit smaller than I was initially expecting (no fire in that one?) L
This will look awesome with vines climbing up the supports!
that's the plan. hopefully they will grow.

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