Step 1: Buy Wood and Tools!

2 by 4's really came in handy. You also need: screws, washers, nails, plywood, hammers, saw- to cut wood to fit the tree/s, And other optional tools: rope, tarp, etc.

Step 2: Add a Frame All Around the Tree

This part is very important so you should use big screws and washers.

Step 3: Fill in the Frame

Should be very sturdy. You can also add in support beams to make it even more safe.

Step 4: Add the Plywood!

This is your finished flooring!

Step 5: Add On!

Ad tarp that you can support with ropes, a rope ladder, maybe even some wooden shelves! It's all up to you!
Reminds me of the fort I built when I was a kid, only mine was a lot crappier!
Your too funny!! But thanks!!
It read online that it usually lasts for 20-30 years but thanks again! @Litez
Thanks! How long does it usually last? @Litez
I suggest you stop using screws or nails. Eventually the tree dies because of metal poisoning, so it wont last long. Do it with ropes, scout handbooks will show you how. <br> <br>Greetings
Thank you very much! He remembered his childhood.

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