How to Build Nether Portal for Minecraft PE




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Introduction: How to Build Nether Portal for Minecraft PE

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Step 1: What You Will Need

You need
1x nether core reactor
4x gold block
12x cobble stone

Step 2: Step 2

Make a plus sign with 5 cobblestone and put 4 gold on the edges

Step 3: Step 3

Place nether core reactor on middle cobble stone block

Step 4: Step 4

Make another 5 cross ontop of the portal same as the bottom

Step 5: Step 5

Put cobbles stone ontop of the gold on all 4 like so

Step 6: Press When Ready

I would have atleast iron armor and gold sword if you want to kill the zombie pig men Or just cut your difficulty down good way to get semi- rare stuff especially gold dust



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    I play minecraft pe but I don't have that nether reactor thing-y and I can't make things with the crafting table freely so how on earth am I supposed to get a neth

    2 replies

    Same here. I wish we had the first block we need

    where can i find the nether core reactor?

    Any one wana be my partner and help me with stuff like this also plz comment guys

    2 replies

    I would love too! ?❤️?

    I press the middle of the Nether Reactor Core, but it doesn't work. Is this how it's supposed to look?

    I don't understand 5 and 6. Could you tell them in an easier way to understand?

    It dosent work

    Screw u aarbear98 u destroyed my whole world... Don't do this... This guy is a screw head

    Do NOT do this. It just spawns in a lot of netherrack and other stuff. I did this in the middle of my city, and it's DESTROYED now, thanks to the netherrack!

    Wrong thing. This is the nether reactor, spawns nether rock and lots of collectables, not a portal.

    Has to be survival guys

    It has to be done in survival mode

    Uhm... I can't press it. I am using the creative mode.

    on the Ipad you have to remember to activate the difficulty for monsters, Them it will work.

    Worked for me, awesome!