This instructable shows how to build the 4th doctor's sonic screwdriver. This is part one, which is the main part. Part two will include the electronics.

Step 1: Materials

Aluminum tubing
- approximately .55 in ID 5/8 in. OD
- 5/8 in ID 3/4 in OD
- 25/32 in ID 1 in OD

Plastic tubing
- 1/4 ID. 3/8 OD
- 3/8 ID. 1/2 OD
- just under 1/4 in ID 3/8 in OD

Threaded rod
- just under 1/4 in Diameter

- 5/16 by 9/16 in

- 1/8 in diameter

- 3/8in ID 5/8 in OD
- 7/16 in ID 1in OD

Bolt (with nut)
- 1/2 in long, 5/8 diameter

Random parts
- Practice arrow
- Rubber cap
- Aluminum coloured cone
- Spring

Step 2: The Innards

Thread 2 1/2 cm of the slightly les than 1/4 in tubing onto 14 cm of the threaded rod. Around that glue 2 1/2 cm of the 1/2 in OD tubing.

Cut the tubing to build it up to barely fit inside the largest aluminum tube.

Glue 1/2 in OD tubing on the top and bottom of an 8 cm section of a 10.5 cm long 3/8 in OD tube.

At on end leave a 12 mm space. Put the washer and spring on before sliding it on the rod.

Step 3: The Emitter

Drill the spacer to fit on the threaded rod. Glue in a 2cm axle.

Drill three holes into the arrowhead, with three corresponding holes in a 1 cm price of 1in aluminum tubing. Glue the arrowhead and axle into place. The glue that onto the spacer.

Step 4: The Main Part

Cut a notch into a 8 cm piece of 1in aluminum tube. Glue the threaded to piece 5 cm from the bottom.
Cut a 5.5 cm piece of3/4 in tube to fit around the plastic that was glued into the 1in tube. Connect that to a 9.5 cm piece of 5/8 in tube. Attach a 1.5 cm piece of 3/4 in tube 3.5 cm from the tip, before glueing the cone to the end

Step 5: The End Plug

Screw together the 1in washer and rubber cap. That will plain the end of the 1in tube

Step 6: Put It All Together

Slide the aluminum tube onto the threaded rod and screw the emitter on
I've posted part two.
I'm not sure when I will be able to get part two up. The concept behind the sound will be pretty much the same as in my newer sonic instructable.
<p>When you publishing part 2 ?</p>
The noise will come in part two. The point of the slits in the middle sized tube is to turn the sound on and off.
<p>very nice! This is a very nice metal sonic. Does it make noise?</p>

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