Want a robot to do all your biddings? Well, I'll teach you how to make your very own Instructable Robot Assistant! This robot won't do all your biddings but it's one handy robot! Enjoy.

Step 1: Materials

You will need wood, a saw, markers(red and black), paint(yellow and orange), a pencil sharpener, magnet, watch, paperclips, pins, toothpick, paper, velcro, wire cutter, scissors, pencil, eraser top, paint brush, glue, clay, screw driver, hammer, sand paper, drill, and wire.
I don't have all the materials listed in the pictures.
how big should the magnet be
The magnet should be just as big the body of the robot(the block of wood) and be strong enough to hold a couple paperclips on.
5 stars!
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I can't wait to build one!!
a lot of stuff for a small robot
I just found this- it's awesome! And you've given me the inspiration for my next, possibly slightly larger project.
Excellent, 4.5 stars and favourited.
thank you.
instructable could be a little more in-depth, but i like it!
its cute :) rated a 5
thank you. ;)
Haha, this is really cool. +5/5 stars.
thanks! :)
that is cool
I really like it
yunno those little walking pencil sharpening robot toys they make? someone should convert that to to instructrables robot. hmmm..... maybe i will.
Very nice!

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