How to Build Your Own Wendy House for Next to Nothing





Introduction: How to Build Your Own Wendy House for Next to Nothing

About: I am not a joiner or anything like that I just love making stuff in my own garden with a few beers for my kids. I know some things can be expensive when buying things for children so I try and make easy step...

This is a Wendy House I built for my kids out of old pallets and a few other recycled bits that I could lay my hands on. The whole thing cost around £100 to make. If anyone is interested in how I built it I have posted a video on Youtube showing step by step how I built it. The video is called How To Build Your Own Wendy House For Next To Nothing



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    That looks like an imagination-friendly kid castle any child would be lucky to grow up in or pretend to be a grown-up in. It'd sure be helpful if you could at least post the parts list (or an approximation of one) so interested readers can determine if the build is within their budget. Pallets are universal, but pounds sterling are not.