How to Build a Bicycle Camera Mount Under US$1,00




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Introduction: How to Build a Bicycle Camera Mount Under US$1,00

In this Instructable I'll teach you how to build your own Bicycle Camera Sturdy Mount at a very low cost.

Here in Brazil it costs around R$2,00 converting to american dollars we should have something around US$1,00.

First of all you'll need these items:

- 01 Screw with a diameter of 1/4" (If you're not safe about the size, please take your camera to the hardware store and try it by yourself to find the right size)
- 03 Wing nuts of 1/4"
- 01 EVA strip of 2 inches
- 01 Pipe Mount (See picture below)

With all those things in hand, follow the next steps.

Step 1: Step 01 - Assembling the Screw With the Pipe Mount and Wing Nuts

Step 01:

- Screw a Wing Nut upside-down;
- Put the screw with the wing nut in the pipe mount;
- Screw the second Wing Nut to hold the pipe mount.

Obs.: Here you can set the height of your camera mount as you can move the pipe mount up and down.

Step 2: Step 02 - Last Wing Nut and the EVA

Step 02:

- Screw the last Wing Nut upside down again;
- Insert the EVA strip into the mount, as seen in the picture below.

Note 01: The Wing Nut screwed in this step is used to put more pressure over the digital camera holding it more tightly and to not letting it to unscrew.
Note 02: You can use a strong glue to stick the strip into the pipe mount. It's your choice.

Step 3: Step 03: Testing Your DIY Mount

Step 03:

It's very important to make sure that your camera mount is holding your camera and it won't unscrew during your ride.

For that I recommend screwing the camera and putting your finger as if it was the bicycle. Then, over a soft surface, shake it hard and see the results. If the camera didn't unscrew, then success!!

Note 01: I used a backup camera for testing. It's good to be cautious.

Thank you.

P.S. Later I'll add a video made with the mount. Also some pictures of the bike with the mount.



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    Hey, I made this mod with no problem at all, thanks so much for the idea and guide! One little addition I made was to add a small 1/4" washer under my camera to help minimize the stress put on the tripod hole since my biking is pretty bumpy. I was afraid my camera was shaking so much that it would crack the bottom part off that fits into the bolt.

    very cheap but probably not under a $1 in us based on last time i was at the hardware store

    2 replies

    Sorry for that..I just converted the total cost in my currency toyour's. Maybe with $2 you can buy everything.
    If you build this DIY, please, let us know the real cost in US. It wouldbe great!

    Many thanks!

    great !!!

    very easy !  very cheap!