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First instructable! I hope it is good.

In this instructable, I will show you how to make and use a "brain cap" a tDCS device that can be worn while it is being used. tDCS stands for transcranial direct current stimulation, a form of brain stimulation involving direct current (aka a battery) that can be used to treat depression, chronic pain, and other illnesses as well as reduce time needed to learn certain tasks. It does so by passing a small electrical current through the skull, which stimulates a certain patch of neurons. Don't worry, tDCS is completely safe; it only produces 2mA of current. To learn more, I would suggest searching "tDCS" in your browser since there are a lot of good articles on it online.
Is there a way to tune it to 40hz?
I have not tried a lower voltage; you could try it. I would predict that you could use a resistor with a lower resistance to get the 2.0 mA current. I would not recommend using anything other than a battery for power. I wouldn't want a deadly amount of current going through my head in case anything goes wrong.
<p>Can I use a lower voltage, say 5v from my usb port?</p>

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