This is a easy build if you want a country home in the woods, by the beach, in the mountains and where ever you decide to put a lovely little country home ;D

Step 1: Make the Foundation

Step 2: Build Your Supports

Step 3: Make Your Door Foundation

Step 4: Make Your Windows

Step 5: Make the Roof

Step 6: Make the Second Floor & Smoke & Path

Step 7: Build the Inside of the House

Step 8: Make Your Kitchen/dinning Room

Step 9: Make Your Bedroom (upstairs)

Step 10: Make Your Greenery and the Chimney (the Smoke Doesn't Have to Be Cobweb)

Step 11: Your Done!

<p>This is really awesome! I love how you used wood and stone to give it a rustic feel.</p>
Awesome! I added flowers.
<p>cool house</p>
your minecraft is extremely fish eyed
<p>Thats because I turned my FOV to 100% I forgot I did that so I am sorry it looks fish eyed </p>
this is a lovely house! I think I'll build some like it today :D
cool house though.

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