I will probably never do it, but it would be possible to build your own flowrider.
<p>Maybe you could make your own pump for this cutting the cost down or use gravity as an aid for the pump </p>
Good idea. Actually, now I am thinking of buying an engine/pump assembly from and old waverunner. Those can be up to 300 HP and are already designed to get very wet.
I will do it when you do it!!!
<p>There is a guy who did it. I tried to post the vid here, but it disappeared. I have also posted it at FlowriderSchool(dot)com in the &quot;Build&quot; section at the bottom. He really made it work, and it has an awesome ending.</p>
Assuming I could afford it I definitely would
<p>Yeah. 50K is still pretty salty! Luckily I live 10 minutes from a flow, or I would have to build this!</p>
Weeeeellllll. That was a little but of a let down lol. But it was fun to watch

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