Step 14: Sleigh Supports

The last pieces are the supports that will hook the rails to the sleigh. At this point you might be running a bit low on lumber but the good news is these don't have to be very large. Draw a piece that looks like it might work and cut one out.
For a cheaper price, used cardboard boxes, strengthen them by sticking two boards and cutting the patterns shown here. What a great idea for Christmas decors bigger or smaller. Thanks for the patterns! :)
Very nice project and easy to follow instructions. Thanks.
Love knock-down furniture and decorations. Nice job! The best part is that packing them for next year they take up very little space!
Good point. Storing holiday decorations is usually a pain - this makes sense.
Love the Julia Child reference; Great job - and someone who wanted to could even make it fancier, but it's accessible to 'most everyone as a start!
Nice! Could probably be done for even cheaper considering home depot's 51c pile :)

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