How To Build a Motor

video How To Build a Motor
This motor is cheap and easy to build, yet impressively powerful.  It would make a great science fair project.
screwygirl17 days ago

Is this motor powerful enough to, say, power an electric scooter, or would one need a larger power source?

HowToLou (author)  screwygirl17 days ago
No. This is a home built motor, and would only be strong enough to power a small fan or a sanding wheel. Scooter motors are made with many more windings, many more rotor arms, high quality bearings and brushes. It would be possible to build your own scooter motor, but you would need a full machine shop, and it would cost way more than just buying one.
HowToLou (author) 3 months ago
You could power a very weak generator, but you would put more electricity into the motor than you would get out of the generator, so it would be better to just skip both and use a battery
SwerveStatus3 months ago
could I possibly put a drive shaft at the end instead of a nail to power a generator?
Hi! Mine doesn't work well at all and I'm wondering what exactly is the problem. I bought a couple of very strong magnets--1" neodymium cylinders w/91 lbs of pull force--and they simply freeze the rotor in place. I have a couple of smaller magnets, and they'll make it turn slowly. If I hold the strong magnets away from the brackets, it will turn, and faster, but as fast as yours appears to do. It's also true that I didn't wind the two sides an equal number of times, so perhaps this is also a problem and I should re-do it? Any help would be greatly appreciated, by me and my boy! Thanks-- Beau Valtz
...but NOT as fast as yours appears to do....
kyle2651 year ago
i cant get this to work....
HowToLou (author)  kyle2651 year ago
What does it do? If you want help, you will have to be a bit more specific. -Lou
kyle2651 year ago
Doesn't work!