How to Build a SIMPLE Motor


Introduction: How to Build a SIMPLE Motor

Anyone can easily build a simple motor with a few wires and a magnet.  This would be a great science fair project.

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    Nice work on the motor, will be very ISTRUCTABLE to a lot of students.
    Good luck on gthe contest, fellow finalist!

    Also thanks for the mole catching education, I will try it.

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    Thank you and good luck to you as well! I hope we win an Instructables robot that will do our chores for us, while we have fun making stuff :)

    Thank You, MathieMom! If your kids master the simple motor, have them try my other bigger motor. It is only a little more complicated, but teaches a lot more about how DC motors work, and is powerful enough to also be cool :)

    I can't comment on anything, contest-related, until the winners are announced. I hope you understand. -Lou

    thank you for this wonderful post my daughter will flip for this one

    I'm going to have my kids try to build this, it's a great way to learn how a motor works.