How to Build a SIMPLE Motor





Introduction: How to Build a SIMPLE Motor

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Anyone can easily build a simple motor with a few wires and a magnet.  This would be a great science fair project.



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    Nice work on the motor, will be very ISTRUCTABLE to a lot of students.
    Good luck on gthe contest, fellow finalist!

    Also thanks for the mole catching education, I will try it.

    Thank you and good luck to you as well! I hope we win an Instructables robot that will do our chores for us, while we have fun making stuff :)

    I love this simple motor! What Citizen Science Challenge were you responding to?

    Thank You, MathieMom! If your kids master the simple motor, have them try my other bigger motor. It is only a little more complicated, but teaches a lot more about how DC motors work, and is powerful enough to also be cool :)

    I can't comment on anything, contest-related, until the winners are announced. I hope you understand. -Lou

    Thanks, nice work.

    thank you for this wonderful post my daughter will flip for this one

    I'm going to have my kids try to build this, it's a great way to learn how a motor works.