Pls find the attached pdf file :)

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Step 1:

<p>Okay, so here's my nice and positive comment regarding George M (AKA Ryan Henderson, AKA Ted Mcgrath) George M(Ted M) has done a great job of assembling other people's free plans, into one location, and charging you for these free plans. Keep up the good work George M(Ted M)! Of course, I could have found these on my own, for free! But George M(Ted M) has somehow acquired all these formerly free plans, and made it a one-stop shop for us...for a fee, not free. And many of these &quot;free plans&quot; are pretty old, and not well written. Buyer beware, you should look up Ted Mcgrath before you buy anything from him.</p>
<p>Attached PDF is not the shed in the photo. Link goes to annoying commercial pitch.</p>
<p>Nice project. But it would help if you copied the instructions into the steps of the instructable.</p>

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