Picture of How To Build a Snowman
A process long shrouded in mystery, we will demonstrate the arduous task of building a snowman. It won't be an easy job, but I'll guide you through the many complex steps of bringing life to snow.
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Step 1: Locate Snow

Picture of Locate Snow
The first, and most crucial, stage in this endeavor is to locate a suitable work area. You'll need enough snow to build the snowman, and enough room to work in. As you can see this front yard has both. Below is an example of a non-suitable work area.

Step 2: Assemble Materials

Picture of Assemble Materials
A respectable snowman wouldn't dream of being seen without proper attire. That's why you'll need to gather a few things. A basic snowman will have coal eyes, a coal mouth, coal buttons, a carrot nose, a hat, scarf, and gloves. We've also experimented with bacon mouths, cookie eyes, and cucumber noses, which we found quite delicious. These should not be attempted until you've gotten a good grasp on this "Snowman" concept.

Step 3: Building The Body: Stage One

Picture of Building The Body: Stage One
For a snowman to stand upright and bravely face the world, he'll need a solid base. To do this you must first make a large snowball. Pack it tightly and roll it along the ground. It will soon accumulate more snow and begin to grow. Once it's reached around 2-3 feet wide your snowman will be ready for stage two of the body.

Step 4: Building The Body: Stage Two

Picture of Building The Body: Stage Two
The second ball contains a snowman's heart, his soul. It must be carefully crafted with the utmost care. This is done the same way as the first ball only about 2/3 the size. You have to keep in mind that you'll have to be able to lift it up onto the first ball, so don't make it too large. This is no task for those who are weak in body or mind. If unable to lift it, find a big person.
mjlush3 years ago
I learned something new this year

We had rolled the second ball too large to lift (>3ft) so we pushed
two canes through the ball (crossing in the middle and were able to lift it easily
I suspect this would work on much larger balls.
arirang7774 years ago
-"I'll be back (next winter)"- he said
he's so cute!
ballagie5 years ago
For a first-timer the whole "snowball effect" didnt really work for me... the snow here is too soft. Its like trying to roll a ball of dry beach sand. I managed a snow baby though - about two feet tall.
Awesomely comedic instructable though, well done!
Hahahhaha, the last pictures RULE! Awesome Instructable, my friend has that same Xbox 360 beanie.
Aww, this was cute. I didn't know snowmen were so good at skydiving!
Yellow847 years ago
Heyyyy, I think I saw your snowman near the Eiffel Tower. Unfortunately, not much snow in France so he probably won't meeting any friends. Nice instructable though.
Danny7 years ago
Yay!! it has just snowed here this morning for the first time this year.