How To Build a Spiral Herb Garden Box from Recycled Material

Picture of How To Build a Spiral Herb Garden Box from Recycled Material
This is an Instructable for creating awesome gardens from scrappy 'trash'.

The basic idea (for us) behind this instructable was to use what we had to create a unique garden. Our Supplies Consisted of 3 construction pallets, trim nails, staples, and heavy duty construction garbage bags.

The Basic Steps

1. Draw a design that utilizes your potential material
2. Gather the Material
3. Prepare the Material
4. Refigure / Adjust the Design to meet what you have
5. Assemble
6. Test
7. Use

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Step 1: 1. Potential Designs

Picture of 1. Potential Designs
These were some basic sketches of what we were thinking we could make from what we thought we had to work with.

1. The first picture is a basic top view and elevation view sketch

2. The next picture uses a Top view with an Elevation Key to so that we could look at the top down design but also be thinking about when our heights would change. In this sketch there are three different height levels denoted by different lines

Step 2: Gathering Materials

Picture of Gathering Materials

Located Nearby is a construction site that has some waste piles of Shipping pallets - which we decided would be our material.

(You could use many different kinds of lumbers from construction site dumpsters, but because there were so many pallets we knew we could get some consistency with our wood, and so we wouldn't waste a lot of time trying to "find the right parts")

We used three of these pallets, that were almost identical, with the exception of some varying wood thicknesses.
wholegrain3 years ago
Nice pallet upcycle!
lemonie4 years ago

Nice job.

bruc33ef4 years ago
Great job. Two things, though:

First, using rocks instead of boards will extend the growing season in temperate climates. The sun heats the rocks by day and the rocks store the heat and release it at night. Also, rock dust adds nutrients.

Second, in permaculture (where this is a staple), a spiral herb garden is normally in zone 1, right outside the kitchen door, as few steps as possible to where the herbs will be used.