The Vertical Fire is easier to start, radiates more heat, less smoke, and lasts longer than a typical flat fire.
That is genius! I will have to try this sometime. Two questions, when it burns down does the ash still spread out? And would it be good to keep inside a survival shelter?
There is some spreading of ash, but not nearly as much as in a flat fire. Make your green boundary wood is extra thick, or set up a double row of it, to help contain the ash even more. <br><br>It could work in a well ventilated shelter. The theory is that the vertical fire does not burn all at once and get too hot. This is better for a shelter.
<p>Fascinating!! I've been at this a while...I'm 50, and never seen this technique. I imagine you could use the verticals to hold food on if quick cooking was ok, or just use that beautiful bed of coals! Nice work Lou!</p><p>Paulie</p>
Thank you! Yes, a pan would sit nicely on the verticals if you took care to pound them all down to the same length.

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