Step 3: Male/Female And Hatchlings

Picture of Male/Female And Hatchlings
Though very little difference, you can tell the difference between a male and female leopard gecko.
The male appears to have a broader head and neck than the female and their body is usually larger. However, looking at their undersides, adult males have a prominent V-shaped row of pre-anal pores while the pre-anal pores of the female are not as noticeable.

If you find an egg in the tank/insert where your gecko is here, you will need to do a few things.

1. get another cage to separate the male from the female & her egg(s) with all of the usual stuff i have previously stated in step 1. Although, i wouldn't put crickets in their, use something like meal worms or a food that wont move towards the egg as much.

2. Incubate the egg. An egg will incubate at 79 - 83 degrees Fahrenheit
ive had dreams that my leopard gecko has eggs but they all die! but last night after i looked at this info, i dreamed that they lived forever!!!!!! THANKS!!!! p.s.-i only have one gecko in my tank so i diont know why i dremt that? but then i found out that my mom said that when we get the new house next week i could get another one (female so they can mate) i m gonna use your info!