Step 2: Shelters

Your goats will need basic shelter to keep them out of the elements and provide a comfortable place to relax. In colder climates a partially enclosed shelter or barn is needed. Shelters do not need to be elaborate but do need to very sturdy and well constructed for the outdoors elements, wind, rain, snow etc.
I have a kid billy thats needed wormed pretty bad but hes only 6 maybe 7 weeks old is it ok for me to go ahead anf worm him
<p>Hey Tommy. According to everything I have read, you CAN deworm a billy kid at that age. There are some that Myontonic Breaders that deworm at one month, especially if they are already eating grain. I have a 6 week old I am getting ready to deworm very soon. I also recently gave them their CD&amp;T. Good luck!! </p>
I was told that fainting goats do not get along with regular goats. Is this true? I am getting 2 castrated male kids (toggenburg) and 2 fainting goats also castrated. They will be the exact same age 2 mos old. Can I keep them in the same pen?
Do fainting goats get along with other pets, like small dogs or cats?
Hi, I see you said we need a &quot;partially enclosed&quot; shelter in &quot;colder&quot; climates. We live in Northern Idaho (83835) so I am wondering if it will be adequate for them to have a 3 sided shelter or if they need to have an actual 4 sided house with door for this winter. Thanks so much for the excellent Instructable!
A shelter that has a center door works best. Goats need to stay dry and out of the cold wind. They also need easy access in and out. Please let me know if you have anymore questions! Thank you and best of luck to you and your new goats!
What is the average life span of a fainting goat? I thought it was quite short?
Hi scoochmaroo! Thanks for the question! I will update my instructable to include this info asap.<br><br>To answer your question, fainting goats normally live about 10 - 12 years. This is pretty typical of all goat breeds and -as far as I know- fainting goats do not have a shorter than normal lifespan for a goat.

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