Tired of your old pet? Want a new one? Why dont you get a snail farm or just one snail? They are soooooooooooo easy and are VERY cheap almost free to keep!! 3 of the pictures below are of my snailarium and snails!!

Step 1: Finding The Right One.

Ok, so you want a snail? Good!! :) Ok so go into your garden and you will be most likely to find a snail or two. Now I have lots of snails but I recommend taking time and just collecting snails, which is what I do. I like big snails but still have tiny ones too!! I keep them separete from the big ones in different boxes. So anyway, just do that. >>
<p>We have set up a snail terrarium in our classroom. We are using an old fish aquarium with soil from the garden where a couple of the snails were found. We have added a small ivy plant and have been feeding them lettuce and other veggies. They have been in our classroom for about 2 weeks and the snails are very inactive. They have climbed up the glass to the top (there is a screen lid) and do not appear to be moving. Is this normal? The soil was from our veggie garden at home. We have included a calcuim supply (cuttlefish bone) and we spray it regularly to keep it moist. Any thoughts?</p>
Snails breathe like humans and exhale carbon dioxide, which is denser than air, so it lingeres toward the bottom of the tank. It will make them sleepy and also explains why they migrate up the tank.
<p>my snails are happy and i know how to take care of them thanks to u! :)</p>
<p>My son has a pet garden snail, Snailey, well sometime in the last 24ish hours he got out of his container! He usually doesn't travel far, and is found on my papers or notebook, but I haven't found him yet and it's worrying me! Is there a way I can attract him, to get him back where he belongs? He's on my counter top in my kitchen somewhere-and I've looked and looked! </p>
Shood i poot the cluch of eggs in a different contaner with the mom seporet from the other snails, how many egg do they lay
Adult snails will sometimes eat the eggs so I would recommend separating them and they can lay up to 100 eggd
<p>(depending on the snail type) they can lay about 100 eggs and yes you should separate them but also try to keep the soil moist, try doing this with a mist spray can once or twice daily ;)</p>
<p>Hey so my garden snail (Moony) laid her first cluster of eggs. I (being a terrible snail owner) have been busy and havent been moisting the hutch as much as i need to. What is the best way to determine a dead egg from a fertile egg that has a snail inside?</p>
<p>The place I found Alfred is more of a clay soil than soil soil is that ok or do I use bought compost ?</p>
I just dug up some dirt and put in the oven to kill germs/bugs and then after it cooled down I wet it and put it in the tank
I can't really see, if they are just climbing over each other no, but if you can see some sort of tube thing coming from both snails then probably yes, dont touch them and make sure you keep the container moist. The best way to know is wait a week or 2(it usually takes about 1 week for garden snails to lay the eggs) and keep on checking for eggs. If you notice one of your snails digging, leave it alone, it could be trying to lay eggs.
I have seen two of my snails mating today... What do i do?? How much chance is there of them laying no eggs? And if they do lay eggs how do I care for them properly so they hatch?
How do you know if they are mating?
Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh there was a pink tube connected at the middle coming from both and they stayed like that about 1-2 hours
Hi i have a larger garden snail for almost a year now and i was just ckeaning his house n almost dropped him but he hit the counter and now his shell is cracked down the side...what do i do? Also he only has water and lettuce in his house..is that ok or am i doing wrong?
I dropped one of mine and the shell cracked, it died but it might have been avoidable. Putting some washed egg shells in his tank will increase his chance of living. The egg shell contains calcium which is essential for growing and repairing shells
Thank you for your advice!
That's ok
I have 5 bought garden snails as they don't live in my area. I've had them for about 3 months and when I first got them they were very active. I've been regularly feeding, cleaning and playing with all of the snails. As I live in a hot place, lately the temperature has been 35 degrees Celsius and the snails have been drying out while I've been at school. They are not allowed in the house and it is too cold in the fridge. What do I do? Also little maggots and wormy things have been getting into the snails shell. I've been cleaning and throwing out rotten food, what do I do?<br>
<p>You could try doing a total refurbishment of your snail's tank, replace all the soil and thoroughly clean the decor. It seems maggots have been laid and you want to remove their eggs. As for keeping them cool, try to keep them in a corner away from the sun and in the shade. Keep them watered with cold water too. I'm afraid that's all the advice I can offer you! Good luck x</p>
Thanks so much, also do you know anything about encouraging breeding
<p>I just found a little snail (around 1 1/2 cm) near my house and I've sterilized some soil for it, and given it a bunch of lettuce and leaves from my garden. are there any types of leaves i should not feed it? also my tank is 7x5cm is this big enough?</p>
<p>Avoid anything that may have been treated with pesticides, insecticides, herbicides etc., if any farmers in your area have been treating their land I would stick to store bought organic produce for a while. Also acidic fruits like oranges and tomatoes aren't great for snails. I would suggest larger but if your snail seems comfortable then go by their body language! If they seem to be trying to escape then opt for a larger tank. Good luck :) x</p>
<p>Hi, glad I found this page!! About 2 months ago I found a tiny snail and my 8 year old son now had &quot;him&quot; as a pet - called &quot;Speedy&quot;. A few weeks later I found &quot;Gary&quot;. They are currently living in a perspex &quot;bug catcher&quot; with their own rock and a cap of water, and eating lettuce. After finding your page, we are upgrading them to a bigger space with soil.. Here they are before their move. Oh, and they dont like strawberries :)</p>
<p>This is so nice to hear! I'm glad you're enjoying your snails and bonding with your son over something so weird and wonderful is of benefit to you both. I wish you both luck with Speedy and Gary :) x</p>
<p>I have two pet snails. A while ago they ad baby snails. I made sure they didnt escape but that wasnt the problem. In about a month, all the babies had died. I was really sad, but happy the origional snails were okay. After maybe two months, the snails werent coming out of their shells. I thought they were dead so i just kept the jar in a corner of my room. I checked on them today and one of them seems fine! There are about two rollie pollies crawling all over it though. Are rollie pollies bad for my snails? Do you think my other snail is okay? Are centipedes bad for snails? (i used to see centipedes in the jar all the time) What should I do if they have more babies? i dont want them to die again. Winter is coming up, and i cant just go outside and get rotten leaves for them to eat if there arent any. What is something cheap and easy to get i can feed them? PLease answer me asap because I need to know this soon. Thank you.</p>
Hi! I'm sorry to reply so late. It's important to provide the best conditions for your snails. Spring/summer is the time that snails tend to breed so they need light for many hours, but not direct light. It's also really important to have at least 2 inches of soil in the bottom of the tank as snails tend to bury their eggs. Dampness is another important factor!<br>As for rollie pollies, they seem safe to live with the snails as they naturally have similar habitats, however centipedes actually eat snails. In this case I would try to remove the centipedes asap! If you have a large habitat for your snails, biodiversity is good for them so I wouldn't worry about the rollie pollies. Finally, your snails will eat any natural, organic vegetation! I can't stress organic enough as treated veg can harm your snails. They will even eat rotting food too, just avoid mould. For this, you can use lettuce leaves, apple cores, carrot tops, anything that you would generally throw into the compost. Avoid meat and dairy at all costs though! I hope all of this helped and if you have any more questions I'm happy to help :-) x
I have 6 snails and I keep them in a bucket with no lid and need a new place to keep them that is cheap help
You can use any clear container that has enough room for them to move! Second hand fishtanks, pet carriers etc are suitable as long as they can breathe and there is a lid!
<p>Hi Ellodi! I've kept snails for a really long time! The best experiences I've had are with a clear Rubbermaid bin. The snails can climb all they'd like and not get out! Also if you Use a bucket, it u have a film door u can place it over the bucket 2 use as a lid so they can breath! If you use a cardboard box they'll eat out of it. Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions! Happy snailing! </p>
I recently purchased some crushed coconut shell substrate for our lizards, would that be ok for our snail?
<p>I'm sure it will be okay as the calcium in the substrate is good for the snail's shell production! However I'd mix it with some soil in order to retain moisture which snails need</p>
I have a tiny snail about the size of a pin head. I love him to death. I put in a different container yesterday and he has traveled every inch of it. He is very active. Ive had him over a month and he has grown like crazy. I put the same dirt i found him in, in it is he going to be ok. I didnt no to bake. Also i havent fed him anything. An he has still tripled in size. I figured that hebwas eating things in the soil. Im scared to go look at him now. I do make it rain on him every day kinda thought he lived under things so moisture was necessary.
<p>He will be perfectly okay in that dirt! However, it's good to replace it with fresh soil to ensure he doesn't get sick from bacteria or fungi! It's good to keep some food in his tank, any veggie/fruits that are organic are perfect! Good luck x</p>
I have kept my snails in a plant pot ,they dont really leave it ,cuz irs dry ourside ,but is it ohk for the plant ??
<p>As long as you don't treat the plant with chemicals (fertiliser, baby bio, pesticides etc) then it's safe for the snails and the plant x</p>
<p>Can they be kept in your average see through sandwich box ? and how do you stop them from getting out and around your house ? x</p>
<p>As long as it's big then that's suitable! A lid perhaps x</p>
<p>My daughter found a garden snail... how on earth, I have NO idea.... Anyway... How often should I clean 'tank'?<br>I'm using a glass jar, is that okay&gt;?<br>can I just feed it grass?<br>This snail is EXTREMELY inactive? What's up, I don't want it to die.... Can you help&gt;?</p>
<p>Cleaning the tank isn't necessary, but I'm a clean freak and like to do so. If you want to do it too, avoid using chemicals! Clean water to wash down the sides. I'd also replace the substrate every 2-4 weeks, depending on the size of your tank. This is because soil is damp and can harbour a lot of bacteria which could damage your snail/s. If you're using fake plants (not recommended!) they should also be washed with water every now and then! I'd suggest using a larger habitat for the snail because they need roaming room. Snails arent very active as a rule, and if they are in a small area it would discourage movement. Also, they are mostly nocturnal so they could be moving at night! Grass is perfect, but I would mix it up a little by adding organic vegetables and fruits, even kitchen waste such as peels, cores and leaves are more than encouraged as it is good for the environment and your snail! Good luck!</p>
I had a pet snail named Carrie. I found her in the woods and she didn't look like she was going to make it. I kept in a small tank and she was fine. I fed her right before i let her go and put her were i found her about two months ago. Will she remember how to survive??!?!! D:
<p>She will! Don't worry</p>
Also, my snail wasn't able to eat apple peels. Is that normal? By taking care of the snail my mom said maybe she will get me like a pet or something
<p>It is normal, everyone has preferences!</p>
<p>I found a snail do snails eat meat? Are snails poisonus to eat? How big does a snail get how long does it take</p>
<p>They do not eat meat, as far as I know! Only veggies for these little guys. I'm sure they're not poisonous, but if you're thinking of cooking some I'd do research as I believe the snails that are eaten are a special breed! Their size and age all depends on their breed, but I'm sure the average garden snail wouldn't get much bigger than your eye (specific, but true!). The African Land Snail can grow to about the size of your hand!</p>
<p>Some snails aren't poisonous. There are places that make cooked snails. It's called escargot.... at least I think that's what I remember. I used to have quite pet snail named Carrie. But I let her go.</p>
I tried to find land snails today and I couldn't find any. I only found slugs and frogs. I do not have a garden. I was in the woods and I looked under logs ect. And I didn't find any. It's 83% and kinda dry around here. do u think that's a reason? And where could I look? I feel like I couldn't find any in the woods. Also what do they eat?❤️
<p>If there are slugs there are bound to be snails somewhere! Be patient and try to look in damp, dark places. Logs and rocks are great for snails. This time of year is perfect as there is a lot of decay going on, with leaves etc, so the woods would be an ideal habitat for your lil creature! Anything organic and natural would be suitable for your snail to eat. No meat! xx</p>

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