How to Care for Your Pet Garden Snails!(garden Snails Only)

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Introduction: How to Care for Your Pet Garden Snails!(garden Snails Only)

Tired of your old pet? Want a new one? Why dont you get a snail farm or just one snail? They are soooooooooooo easy and are VERY cheap almost free to keep!! 3 of the pictures below are of my snailarium and snails!!

Step 1: Finding the Right One.

Ok, so you want a snail? Good!! :) Ok so go into your garden and you will be most likely to find a snail or two. Now I have lots of snails but I recommend taking time and just collecting snails, which is what I do. I like big snails but still have tiny ones too!! I keep them separete from the big ones in different boxes. So anyway, just do that. >>

Step 2: Housing and Feeding Your Snail.

So you've foung the snail you want? Thats great! The next step is housing and feeding. Now I keep mine in a small plastic aquarium which I bought for �pet shop. First get soil or garden soil. If you get the soil from your garden make sure you put it in a box and bake it in the oven for 20 mins. so you can kill any harmful bugs and bacteria. When thats done put about 2inches of the soil in the bottom of the snailarium. Next get some artificial plants and some real plants. Get the arificial plants from a fish tank if you have pet fish but dont go buying them if you dont! If you dont, then just get some real plants from your garden, (ie. ivy, grass, ect.). For decor I recommend a small plastic plant pot with a little hole to fit your snails through to hide. I put grass under it. Also put grass under the food to keep it clean. For food: I know snails love lettuce! And kind of lettuce but dont buy it if you dont have any. Instead use bits of fruit and veg. scraps and leaves from the garden. Snails are herbivours.
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Step 3: Other Things You Need to Know.

Snails live in a dark damp environment and cant be too hot so I would keep them under a table in the house, which I do.

Also, it has to be damp so put a small bottle cork or pringles top to put water in, or just spray the tank with cold water every day.

Snails eggs look like this: O Well kinda!

You can also keep your snail(s) in a plastic washing powder box but make sure they can see out.

Take out your snails on to the lawn or somewhere in the garden while you clean out the snailarium so they can excersise but ALWAYS count them when you take them out and when you put them back in their box.


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I just found my daughter's garden snail on the side of her tank BUT her shell was hanging almost off....So I went to get a flashlight so I could see better and SHE was OUT of her shell and crawling back up the side and is now attached to the side again shell-less. I can SEE her HEARTBEAT. I'm freaking out big time. My daughter is a sensitive soul and rescued Shelly (what she named her snail) from some school kids last school year and has been talking very good care of her and we have been watching her grow. What do I do? Do I try to put her back? Do I leave her shell on the bottom of the tank and `hope` she goes back in? What do I do in the morning? I'm going to have a crying 7 year old before school, that is `if` she sees her in the morning. I am tearing up writing this. I know this happens and what I have read Garden sails DON'T grow out of their shells their shells grow with them.

I am so sorry, that sounds terrible. Tbh, I would go outside to try and find another snail to replace it. I have never had that happen to me before, that sounds terrible. :(

I found a garden snail I put him in tubbawere with grass luttace carrots and water is this a good habitat any cheap suggestions? I really like my snail I named him goat and I would be heartbroken if he didn't survive.

My snail habitat is quite large, but I have multiple snails that I collect. In that, I keep a few rocks, soil (obvi) some grass and a few plants, a flower pot, some large sticks/bark and I feed them eggshells and lettuce. Make sure that you SPRAY THE TANK about once or twice a day. Try not to spray them directly, but make sure to get the walls and rocks (or whatever you have) wet too, because snails NEED WATER TO SURVIVE. Thanks!

have a hiding place like an egg shell for comfort and fill the tank with soil. Check in at a pet store and make sure to get some little tunnels maybe for a Hampster and be sure to clean and feed them daily. Don't give them water they could climb into, they will drown, just lightly spray their tank daily with lukewarm water. ONLY USE A SPRAY BOTTLE! These can be cheap (99p around). Good luck and take care of goat!:)

*Tupperware* not tubbawere. Just thought I'd point that out.

I have just acquired 2 large snails. Slowy and Pokey. I have a container and put potting soil, a leaf and some apple and cat food. They mostly stay at the top. Do I have enough holes?


You definitely need a LARGER tank to move around in. They go to the top because of more flat area space. Get a bigger tank and only fill with soul rocks and grass with a SMALL amount of food . Also they go to the top because it's fresh, spray with water daily!:)

why a small amount of food? (just wondering) also how often should i change their food

what do they eat?

I have 6 snails Bammbi,big Bruce,Ty,Berry,Tom,and Fried