Picture of How To Carve And Stain Old Concrete
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Old concrete can look neglected and cracked. Even new gray concrete can be boring.

I hate old looking concrete, so I set out to restore and make concrete look like art. Learn how to carve, sculpture and color concrete.
If you are trying to make an old slab look fun and colorful, try these steps for a unique look.
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Step 1: Prepping Your Concrete Surface

Be on the look-out for boring or old cracked concrete. It may be that old walkway to your new fabulous front door.

This abused concrete patio saw better days seventy years ago. Now it's my turn to make something of it. I don't want the expense of replacing it or even trying to cover it would be costly.

I cleaned it thoroughly, using TSP in a gallon of hot water. This takes most of the old oil and dirt off. Clean as many times a necessary to get a lighter, brighter concrete. You want to make sure that it is grease-free.

Step 2: Design Your Floors

With the concrete cleaned of all oil, grease, dirt and paint, use a permanent marker to draw your design. I used the cracks in the existing concrete to visualize my design. I knew that with all the cracks going every-which-way, I couldn't get to structured and tight with the design. I am a viney kind of gal and wanted this to look good with the cottage that I was re-designing.

Step 3: Tools For Carving Concrete

I am using a Roto-Zip tool. I bought mine online at: http://www.rotozip.com/Shop/. This tool is not unlike a Dremel, just bigger and more powerful. I am using a diamond blade because concrete can be very hard. It gets harder with age.

With my safety eye wear on, I set my Roto-Zip at a slight angle to the crack and began carving the crack a little wider and or smaller depending on how the vine would actually go. This tool runs at a very high speed and dust will fly. Wear protective clothing and gloves.
Jungoica3 years ago
I'm considering this for the house I'm buying both indoors and outdoors. Since the toxic nature of this stuff is a bit concerning I went looking for some not so nasty materials and found this:


daveHND3 years ago
Looks great! Any chance you will reveal who you buy your stain from?

did you use a crack in the concrete as a pattern for the stem of the flower?  it looks very very pretty!!
sksartell (author)  porcupinemamma5 years ago
Yes I tries to use all the cracks, making them look as if I wanted them there in the first place,

Thanks for you compliments.
lemonie5 years ago
You didn't include all of the images from the original - can you fix?
Still I think Instructables is a better place to publish than ehow.

rimar20005 years ago
Very nice, cool, creative. I need to do anything similar about my backyard, it is a little decayed.