Step 10: Demold

Picture of Demold
Now, you wait. The plaster should cure in thirty minutes or so, depending on how thin you mixed it. It will heat up noticably while curing. There is actually a chemical reaction going on that solidifies it, it's not just drying out. Once you can see it's no longer liquid, touch the back periodically to feel the temperature. When it's gotten warm and then cooled down to room temperature again, it's safe to take it out of the mold.

Pretty freaky, huh?
fxguy20002 years ago
I have read your instructable and I agree with some of what is being said but I have to disagree with leaving your hair not covered by a bald cap. alginate is not a forgiving substance and neither is plaster. when alginate forms around hair it tends to not want to let go. anyone who wants to try this process please get a bald cap and mask off your hair line or else you run the risk of having a halo effect until your hair grows back. I have been perfecting my craft for over 13 years and I do know what I am talking about! thank god you didn't tell people to put straws up their nose while the process is being done? that is another big no no that could get your model hurt seriously. please take every precaution needed shortcuts in this business can get people hurt or worse!