Are you bored? Want to impress your friends? Have a ton of flies around your house? 

Watch this video to learn how to catch flies with your bare hands! 
Have you ever tried to spaghett a fly?!<br><br>
Good video - entertaining, educational and useful!<br><br>I used to have a &quot;pet&quot; redback spider, so I had to catch flies to feed it. People thought I was a bit odd when I spotted a fly and grabbed it (I used a more mundane method with a clear plastic cup and a piece of card). <br><br>I like your method and explanation :)
We use to catch horse flies, the bigger ones. Tie a thread or hair around them between the thorax and abdomen. Then you let them fly like a kite. When you get bored with them you yank the thread and cut them in half.
That's nasty. Wait don't tell me, you fry them and eat them.
nice video and beard!!
Thanks. Let me know if you try this. Also, if you do, try to make a video, and post it as a response. By &quot;try this,&quot; I mean catch a fly with your bare hands, not grow a beard.
Darn it! i wanted to grow a beard :)&gt; I don't have flies in my house exept for my mom, but when i see one i'll do just that!

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