How to Catch a Mole Without Killing It 3





Introduction: How to Catch a Mole Without Killing It 3

A mole was living in my woods for about three weeks.  When he went for my wife's flower bed, he had to go.  This video shows a simple way to pull them out, without killing them.  It is a follow up to my original video on this topic, but has much more stable and high quality video.  Please see my other mole instructable for more details.



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    pellet gun or garden hoseand car exhaust in their tunnel air holes if yards invaded like mine

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    Does your method kill the mole?

    Hey, there is a 'be nice' policy on comments. Maybe it does not apply to your neighbors :)

    It was a joke silly! My neighbours are actually really nice.

    Yeah, I know. Mine was too!! :)

    Haha! nice video, doesn't it bites? he seems friendly, or that's a small one ?

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    They are pretty quiet and calm for the first minute or two, because they are so surprised. After that, they really start squirming hard to get away, but they never bite.

    Awww, he cute :D Annoying, but cute :D It's nice to see instructables on how to catch and relocate unwanted animals without killing them :D

    Yes, but they spell it "moll" on that Australian TV show.

    Oh he's so cute! Wow, he even made a tiny little noise. omg awesome

    i am so glad you dont kill them and look at the poor thing his shaking but thank you so much for not killing him thanks you!!! your awesome

    Have you ever accidentally hit the mole with the shovel it seems like it would cut the poor thing in half.

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    No! I have never talked one in half. Always aim about 10 inches behind the bumping up dirt, to be safe.

    You made my summer for the next 20 years!

    They all act differently. Some squeak and some just sit there. I have never seen one do that.

    There seem to be different breeds of moles. Indiana moles just laugh at water!