According to Miss Manners, what would be the appropriate thing to do when a friend is involved in a car crash on the highway? Fruit basket? Get well cards? We believe that sweets can heal almost any emotional trauma, so when my friend Noah got into a car accident, Billy and I decided to help him get over the pain of losing his beloved car by making him a Car Crash Cake.

The problems we had in designing this cake where numerous, the biggest of which being the lack of an oven. We made do with premade pound cake and some snazzy decorating techniques. If your friend just failed his biology test, try making an Evolution cake to inspire progress. If someone's dog died, you could always consider making them an Skelledog cake. This instructable may be used as a jumping off point for the solving of a wide array of emotional issues.

Step 1: Materials

We used a pound cake as our base since we felt it would be more resilient and rebound quicker after its surgery. This is our ingredient list, yours may look different:

1) Cake base
2) Icing (Four different colors)
3) Frosting
4) Mint Patties for wheels
5) Red Vines for the road barrier
6) Nerds for scattered car bits
7) Foil and Cardboard
Hmmmmmmmmmmm I just had bladder surgery....lol
Very cool idea, I am sorry I missed this when it came out in 2008
wow, that's up there next to how to cat on my favs.....
Oh man, I don't know if this is anywhere near how to cat. How to cat is such a great classic, I'm honored you'd even mention it in reference to my instructable... ;D
its pretty cool......5 stars
Haha... you've made my day : D
haha, thats hilarious.<br/><br/>my friend was in a really serious car accident, and i made her a 'thanks for not dying' cake. she liked it =)<br/>
Nice <sup>_</sup><br/>
Hahaha, nice! Is that at the new place? Noah got in a car accident? That's terrible! Good thing the cake helped. :P +5/5 stars.
Hey, GorillazMiko YOU ROCK! Anyway I want to ask you how to do all those cool things with text. Please reply. YOU ROCK!
...Cool things?
Like make them bigger and smaller and all that stuff.
Dollar Tree pound cake!
Wow whatever he hit it sure looks like he messed it up good. Plus his car broke in half and green goo came out. I am guessing that is radiator fluid?
I wonder what he did hit....
<sup>I think it was the founding father of the killerjackalopes</sup> <br/><br/>=) <br/>
Hehe =P<br/>
what if a candle was added to the hood. Burning car?
The cake is clearly not a lie; what your friend may tell the insurance company however is a different story :P
nice i like the dead stick man you added, makes the cake :p anyways this is prety sweet :]
Hehe, great job. Too bad you missed the cake contest. Hope I don't get one......

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