How to Change a Flat Tire





Introduction: How to Change a Flat Tire

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Step 1: Get Materials

A pump, an extra tire, and the tire changing tools

Step 2: Check to Make Sure the Tire Is Flat

Press on tire to check sir pressure.

Step 3: Release Brake and Take Tire Off

All you have to do is loosen the brake and unscrew and take off the tire.

Step 4: Taking the Tire Off

Use the tire changing tools and put the flat end into the tire side, run the tool all the way around the tire, so half of the tire is not on the rim.

Step 5: Switch the Inner Tubes

Take the old inner tube out of the tire and inflate the new one just enough to give it some definition.

Step 6: Put the New Inner Tube Into the Tire

Start by putting the pump valve in first and than just rotate around the tire.

Step 7: Reconnect the Tire to the Rim

Use those useful nameless tire tools I told you about to put connect the tire and rim once again, the lash few inches are kind of hard but that's where we need to use some of that elbow grease.

Step 8: Put It All Back Together

Put the rim back on the bike than tighten it back on, after this you can retighten your brake.

Step 9: Now You Can Ride Your Bike

!Warning! Do not replace a tire that just popped, it will save you money to purchase a $5 patching kit rather than a $25 inner tube. Otherwise have fun.



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    @sffdhfhjdj, thanks and good luck

    I lost the plastic thingy when I was riding my bike and did not notice and me and I went home and looked this up then I went and found it then got my phone and changed the tire so I already changed the tire so thanks and do me a favor wish me luck at my soccer game tonight so thanks.

    Now go change that tire

    Thanks for making this and check out my video How to fight and How to make a phone stand and click on my screen name to and please leave a comment on both of my videos:)