When my motherboard died on my HP HDX 16 Laptop I decided to purchase another HP HDX 16 Laptop from my friend.  His Laptop's screen was broken, but the base of his computer was fine.  From that all I needed to do was to switch the screen and the hard drive in order to have one working laptop again.  I documented the process with pictures, and then decided to make this instructable as a project for my New Media 104 art class at St. Olaf College.

In order to complete this project very few tools are required.
Philips Screw Driver (with a small head)
Flat Head Screw Driver (size doesn't matter, its used more as a pry-bar anyways)

Warning Before Attempting This:
This may void some warranties.

Step 1: Step 1 (optional): Remove Battery and Hard Drive

First, make sure the computer is unplugged and the battery is out, then flip the computer over to get at the back panels.  Because, I am switching my screen and hard drive into another laptop, this first step my be irrelevant for those who just need to change out the screen.  Remove the hard drive cover with the screw driver placing the panel with all of the screws aside. 

REMEMBER: Keep all of your screws organized and somewhere where they wont be knocked over. 

Once the cover is out, the hard drive should be able to be removed.  One end of the drive should be completely free and the other should be attached by a single plug.  Unplug the plug and place the hard drive aside. 

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